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Description: P14A2 Signal Of Exhaust Gas Back Pressure Sensor Dynamically Implausible Possible causes: – Faulty Exhaust Gas Back Pressure Sensor – Exhaust Gas Back Pressure.

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I kept the stock resonator and muffler. The only engine codes I have are P14A6 and P14A2 (no exhaust restriction), here are some more numbers following a cold start: Ambient temp 58F IAT 72F (23C) MAP 28.1Hg (95Kpa) RPM 680 (smooth idle) ETC 108F (50C) MAF 8.47 to 13.91 at idle (these numbers will vary up and down).

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P14A2. List of IAB Vendors ... BMW Disa valve rattle repair kit for 3.0 Petrol Engines M54 M56 ... The common fault of the unit rattling, clicking, fault codes P1083 P1085, P1090, P1092, P1087, P1089, P0311, P0316 and an Engine light should be eliminated. Vehicles Affected.

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P14A2: Frequency: 1: 127 Repairguides for BMW 5 (E60) 520 d. Tips and tricks (13) Product recall: fuel filter heating malfunction Airbag: airbag warning light always on Product recall:.

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Nov 12, 2013 · On the diagnostics the boost is very slow to build and reaches 1.5 bar at 3000rpm and stays about there until high rpms. Also, the P14a2 code is still there in the background. I have checked all the actuators are working (looks like there are 3) and the small and large turbos spin nicely by hand with minimal play..

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1, if you fill the tank to the top, the level sensor won't work and it won't reset. If that's the case try siphoning out a few litres of Adblue and then turn ignition on for 30s without starting the engine. See if warning goes off. 2.

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